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As a prospective student today, there are a number of ways for you to pursue education and training. Several years ago, for those who wanted to go back to school, the common answer was that you went to an actual “school” to learn. Now-a-days though, students have more options. They may choose to learn online at their own pace, they may choose to learn in a “live” online environment or they may choose to study another way whether it be by books or other materials.

In some cases though (and for some occupations), it still makes sense to consider training at an actual physical school in a traditional classroom environment. For example, if you’re thinking of pursuing a career in Medical Billing and Coding, you could certainly pursue your training in a number of different ways, but below are some reasons why you should consider receiving your Medical Billing and Coding training at a physical campus in a classroom setting versus pursuing training for Medical Billing and Coding online or training for Medical Billing and Coding from home.

Reason #1: Face Time With An Instructor and Other Students!

medical billing classroomOne of the biggest benefits of pursuing your Medical Billing and Coding training in a traditional classroom environment is the face time you’ll receive with an instructor as well as other students. Think of it like this, what happens when you have a question about a topic or there is something you don’t understand? There’s a definite benefit of being in a classroom setting where you can ask your teacher directly about any questions you may have regarding the material, versus studying Medical Billing and Coding from home or Medical Billing and Coding online when you may not have the same opportunity. In addition, being in a setting with other students allows you to bond and network throughout your training. The relationships you forge in school can help you throughout your program. For example, many students benefit from setting up study groups with their classmates. In addition, students have often found great support in getting to know their classmates – people just like them that may be going through some of the same things they are going through in their life at the moment. Lastly, the people you meet in school now are quite possibly the same people you may be working with in the field one day, so forging good relationships can help with networking down the road! 

Reason #2: Hands-On Training for a Hands-On Career!

Electronic Medical RecordsCareers in the medical field are very hands-on, even if you’re working in an administrative position, like a job as a medical biller or coder. You’ll still be working in an environment with others and in an actual office setting. When you choose which type of training program that is going to help you reach your goals, you should consider a program that is going to help you prepare effectively for the actual environment you may experience when you’re working in the field. For those who may choose to study Medical Billing and Coding online or Medical Billing and Coding at home, this component could be lost or nonexistent, depending upon how the program is structured. 

Reason #3: Interpersonal Skills and “Soft Skills” Matter!

We’ve eluded to this a few times already, but Medical Billers and Coders by the nature of their jobs are going to work with people, so strong interpersonal skills are important. Throughout the course of a normal day, a Medical Biller or Coder may interact with a variety of different people such as patients, healthcare providers (doctors, clinics, hospital staff, other billers and coder, or perhaps other administrative staff) and insurance companies, just to name a few. It’s important that a savvy biller feels comfortable communicating with each of these individuals because they all play an important role in what the Medical Biller does on a daily basis. In addition, “soft skills” are becoming more and more important in healthcare work settings today. Soft skills are generally referred to as a person’s interpersonal skills, communication skills, traits, language, and habits that help guide their relationships with others. Attending a Medical Billing and Coding program in a traditional classroom setting should provide students with ample opportunities to develop their interpersonal skills and soft skills, an opportunity that may be lost if one chose to study Medical Billing and Coding Online or Medical Billing and Coding from home.

The Medical Billing and Coding Specialist Program at Training Direct

The Medical Billing and Coding program at Training Direct is comprised of eighty (80) instructional hours. Students in this program can benefit from in-class instruction covering a variety of topics to assist in their transition to an administrative position within the healthcare field.


Training in the Medical Billing and Coding Specialist program includes a variety of topics such as:

  • Medical Terminology
  • Systems of the Human Body
  • Keyboarding
  • Medical Insurance Billing and Reimbursement
  • HIPPA and the Legal Medical Record
  • Physician Coding and Compliance
  • Claims Processing
  • Billing and Reimbursement for providers such as Medicare, Medicaid, and others
  • ICD-9CM and CPT
  • Coding Compliance
  • Exposure to Medical Law and Ethics
  • ..and more!

In as few as 4 weeks, you could be on your way to beginning a new career in the healthcare field as a Medical Billing and Coding Specialist!

 The Medical Billing and Coding Specialist program is currently offered at Training Direct’s Bridgeport, CT school and Danbury, CT school.  Day, evening, and weekend classes are available, but schedule availability will vary by location.