To be a certified nurse aide (or CNA for short) you don’t have to go through years of training. Usually, you don’t even have to spend a year training! Most CNA programs run for about a month. You of course, still have to attend training and pass an exam to... Read more


pct career
PCT Career – 4 Commitments You Should Make
Are you interested in pursuing a career as a Patient Care Technician (PCT)?  If so, congratulations!  The healthcare field needs caring and compassionate individuals to work on the frontlines.  Pursuing a PCT career requires some serious commitments on your part.  This is because as a PCT, you could be the... Read more
phlebotomy technician training
Phlebotomy Technician Training: What to Expect?
Have you been considering starting training to become a phlebotomy technician, but aren’t sure what to expect? We’re here to help! A career as a phlebotomy technician could lead to a rewarding and exciting profession working in hospitals, medical laboratories, or other medical facilities where you would be responsible for... Read more