Training Direct Recognizes World Health Day
Today, Thursday April 7th, is known as World Health Day. This is a global day dedicated to raising health awareness that was put into place by the World Health Organization during the first World Health Assembly in 1948. The World Health Organization is a collection of over 7000 talented men... Read more
CPR Classes
Heart Health Month | CPR Training
Heart Health Month is almost over, and we hope you’ve enjoyed our blogs thus far this month and will use this info in the future to contribute to your heart health as well as the heart health of others! Today, we’re talking about CPR and CPR training. Simply put, CPR... Read more
Training Direct Recognizes Heart Health Month
February is Heart Health Month, a designation first made by President Lyndon B. Johnson approved December 30, 1963. President Johnson declared February 1964 as American Heart Month urging the people of the United States to “give heed to the nationwide problem of heart and blood-vessel diseases, and to support the... Read more