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You notice the little things and carry within you a heart of goodness. With compassion and dignity, you desire to help others while filling a crucial role on a medical team. EMR training at Training Direct could be a great way to strengthen these qualities and prepare you for a rewarding career in the healthcare industry.

Our Electronic Medical Records training program offers a clear understanding of electronic medical records through classroom instruction and hands-on learning. Training Direct’s curriculum teaches the practical use of electronic medical records and how to execute data management using electronic health records. EMR courses in CT can help prepare students to understand Electronic Health Record (EHR) software in order to have the opportunity to work in various administrative roles within the healthcare field. After receiving a solid understanding of EHR software you could excel in your field and touch the lives of patients.

Those looking for EMR courses in CT can enroll in Training Direct’s EMR training program offered at the Bridgeport, CT, and Danbury, CT locations. For your convenience, we offer day, evening, and weekend classes at these locations but schedule availability may vary by location and program. In as little 4 weeks, you could learn new tools and make your way towards a fruitful career in the medical field.

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EMR Training Topics and Program Length

At Training Direct we offer an EMR training program that is designed to teach students to use common EHR software used in medical facilities. Specifically, students are exposed to McKesson Practice Partner EHR software. From classroom learning to hands-on training, you could have the opportunity to learn key medical record procedures and protocols. The Electronic Medical Records training program consists of 80 clock hours covering various topics beneficial for administrative roles in the medical field.

As a student, your electronic medical records education at Training Direct could cover subjects like:

Electronic Medical Records

  • Electronic health record for the physician’s office using practice partner
  • Overview of Electronic Medical Records Software
  • Privacy, confidentiality, HIPAA, and the Patient’s Bill of Rights
  • Administrative use of electronic health records
  • Clinical use of the electronic health record
  • The personal health record
  • Keyboarding
  • ...and more.

To provide a complete education for the student, we also cover ICD10 and CPT4 Coding, how to audit medical charts, and the impact Electronic Medical Records have on daily tasks in a medical office. EMR training could help prepare you for a significant role in a healthcare team while assisting with day to day medical office responsibilities.

Medical administrative assistant skills you could learn through EMR training

Students who enroll in EMR training are introduced to the role of the healthcare professional while learning nonnegotiable medical administrative assistant skills. At Training Direct, our Electronic medical records classes are designed to accomplish these goals. Our EMR training program is designed to give you a thorough knowledge of EHR software and the system's basic functions. Our Electronic medical records program also grants students the opportunity to glean knowledge and expertise from instructors, learn new EMR tasks, and become skilled in administrative support objectives. Those who graduate EMR training may pursue job titles such as medical secretary, medical receptionist, and medical administrative assistant. Skills that are helpful for these positions, as well as medical secretaries, could include knowledge in:

  • Medical software
  • Electronic mail software
  • Database user interface and query software
  • How to speaking clearly and concisely1

A career in electronic health records could come with important responsibilities and duties you should be prepared for. These tasks could include but are not limited to:

  • Appointment scheduling
  • Overseeing patient medical records
  • Medical record auditing and inspections
  • Billing patients for medical appointments and procedures
  • Collecting and recording patient medical charts, reports, and communications.2

EMR training could prepare you for a serious job doing important work! At Training Direct’ we could teach you how to provide excellent patient care while supporting an administrative team. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to make a real impact in a rewarding career.

Top 3 Reasons to Choose Training Direct For Your EMR training

  1. You could complete the EMR training program in as little as 4 weeks!
  2. Training Direct’s Electronic Medical Records training program is designed to provide a mix of in-class instruction and hands-on practice.
  3. We offer career services assistance to Training Direct graduates.

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Our electronic medical records training program is geared with your success in mind. We offer a higher education experience for students wanting to excel in their careers. At Training Direct, we take your future seriously by providing every tool available for your progress and growth. Enrolling in EMR training could help you become ready for a rewarding career working with electronic health records and patient’s in need. Have the opportunity to enhance your skills and become a valuable member of a healthcare team through EMR training with Training Direct.

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Electronic Medical Records Specialist Frequently Asked Questions

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