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Are you interested in taking up a new vocation that proactively helps change people’s lives for the better or want to add to your skill set in the medical field? If this sounds like you, then electronic medical records training could be the career move you’ve been looking for.

With your love of technology and attention to detail, you have the power to improve the experience patients have when visiting a healthcare facility. With modern technological advances, Electronic medical record training graduates have become vital healthcare team members because they perform administrative duties that help healthcare practices run smoothly.

Training to become an electronic medical records (EMR) specialist places you at the forefront of the healthcare sector, enabling medical professionals to share and access patient data securely in real-time. These fully connected medical information systems allow doctors to improve patient diagnosis accuracy, aid the speed of treatment, and ultimately help to save lives.

So, if this sounds ideal, here are four reasons why electronic medical records training could be the perfect career move for you.

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1. Electronic medical records systems are becoming more common in healthcare facilities. 

Now, if there was an industry going to benefit most from the ability to record and share data electronically – it was the medical profession. After all, before medical records could be uploaded to the connected network, medical professionals would have to physically share copies of their typed and handwritten records with other healthcare specialists.

Today, health professionals now have access to this wealth of patient health data in an instant, data that includes: 

  • Previous symptoms and diagnoses
  • Doctors’ notes and treatments
  • Known allergies and prescribed medications
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Immunization dates and records
  • Medical laboratory test results
  • Billing and insurance details

Recording every element of an individual patient’s vital information by hand, filing it away, and accessing it, was highly inefficient and time-consuming. Which is why EMR specialists have become so essential and why electronic medical records training graduates are found in most medical facilities across the country.

2. Electronic medical records training program can be completed in a short amount of time

Did you know your dream of switching careers is easier than you might think? This might surprise you… but in as little as FOUR weeks of electronic medical record training, you too could train as an EMR specialist and start pursuing a fantastic new vocation.

Furthermore, at Training Direct we offer day, evening, and weekend classes (this may vary though by program and by campus). This is ideal if you can’t take time off work or if you prefer to retrain around your current day-to-day commitments and obligations.

Just imagine it… in only a few short weeks, you could be applying for a new job and a new career within a range of private and public healthcare facilities nearby.

3. EMR systems training can help you advance your career.

Of course, establishing a new career with a team that is helping to save people’s lives is incredibly rewarding. However, the additional, potential career advancement opportunities available after graduating from electronic medical records training are also tremendously attractive.

For starters, the prospective workplace environments recruiting EMR specialists are vast and can include the following:

  • Local, state, and private hospitals
  • Private doctors, physicians, and dentist offices
  • Public healthcare agencies
  • Nursing homes and end-of-life care facilities
  • Physiotherapist practices
  • Insurance companies   

With further experience and continued education, many electronic medical record training graduates also achieve more advanced vocational positions. For example, with additional training and/or experience, they may pursue roles such as Medical Biller and Coder, Medical Office Assistant, Medical Office Manager, and more!

4. Electronic medical records jobs are essential in healthcare 

With an ever-growing population and easier access to affordable healthcare for many, it’s not surprising there is a growing demand for EMR professionals. Another factor is the increased volume of data being recorded and shared on these secure and interconnected medical databases, which further heightens the need for EMR recruits.

As a result, those who work with electronic medical records play a vital role within healthcare.  Once you’ve graduated from your electronic medical records training, you could enter into a new EMR vocation where you could have stability and be able to make a difference daily.  

How to get started with electronic medical records training

If this sounds like the career move you’ve been looking for, join us at Training Direct to train as an EMR specialist. We’ve purposely created flexible EMR course options for you to achieve the knowledge and skills needed for success.

We have created an electronic medical record training program that can teach you the fundamental EMR requirements needed, including:

  • Electronic appointment scheduling
  • Medical terminology
  • Patient medical record recording, retrieval, and reporting
  • Health data management and security
  • McKesson Practice Partner EHR software training
  • Medical ICD10 and CPT4 coding and billing
  • Understanding data privacy, HIPAA compliance, and the Patient’s Bill of Rights

Here at Training Direct, we pride ourselves on providing  quality training programs. Working alongside our expert electronic medical record instructors, Training Direct can help you transform your career outlook quickly.

Training Direct’s EMR training program

When choosing to launch your new career as an Electronic Health Records specialist, be sure to get started by training with us here at Training Direct. With our two fantastic Connecticut campus locations in Bridgeport and Danbury, our electronic medical records training program can provide you with the skills sought after by prospective EMR employers.

Our flexible programs can provide you with a platform to train with day, evening, and weekend classes (schedules vary by program and location). Here at Training Direct, we can provide you with the knowledge and hands-on experience needed to qualify and excel as an EMR specialist.

If you’re looking for a new challenge and enjoy the prospect of making a real difference to people’s lives… then electronic medical records training could be the perfect solution for you.

Start your EMR journey with Training Direct and kick-start your new career today!


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