How to become an EKG technician
If you have been wondering “how to become an EKG technician,” you’re at the right place! EKG technicians are responsible for helping patients and they pay close attention to a patient’s heart condition during the test they administer. The test they administer also records the electrical signals from the heart... Read more
what is a an ekg technician
What is an EKG technician?
The sound of a heartbeat monitor is possibly the most recognizable hospital soundtrack used in all the movies. Directors use it to set the scene and build suspense.  Healthcare professionals, though, rely on that and an Electrocardiogram or EKG, to help evaluate the heart.  These tests are operated by highly... Read more
EKG Machine
Heart Health Month | What is an EKG?
We continue our series on Heart Health (during Heart Health month this February) today when we talk about Electrocardiograms (EKGs). You may have heard about EKGs before, but wondered, what the heck is that test? We’re going to break down some of the basics for you today. What is an... Read more