what is a an ekg technician

The sound of a heartbeat monitor is possibly the most recognizable hospital soundtrack used in all the movies. Directors use it to set the scene and build suspense.  Healthcare professionals, though, rely on that and an Electrocardiogram or EKG, to help evaluate the heart.  These tests are operated by highly skilled EKG technicians.

So, what is an EKG Technician, and what do they do?

Depending on where they work, EKG Techs can be on-call whenever there is a need to monitor a patient’s heart performance. That’s because EKG Technicians assist doctors and physicians in diagnosing potential heart conditions, irregularities, and possible diseases, which can save thousands of lives every year.

Combining a love of technology and a desire to care for patients, it’s not surprising why many EKG Techs enjoy such a rewarding career. So, to help you learn more, we’re going to explore what is an EKG Technician and how becoming one, you too can start helping others.

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What does an EKG technician do?

EKG techs are important team members in a range of healthcare facilities and medical settings. However, their primary role is to prepare, conduct, monitor, and analyze a patient’s heart and cardiovascular system through a test.

For example, EKG tasks can involve monitoring a patient’s heartbeat when resting or while undertaking physical activity.  They may also provide patients with instructions before and after the test.

What is an EKG Technician’s task when testing for more severe heart conditions? An EKG Technician’s skill set allows them to perform the test effectively so doctors can have the information needed in order to arrive at a diagnosis. EKG Techs can also be well trained in identifying the critical warning signs before, during, or after the test.

What is an EKG Technician’s role?

As key members of the team, EKG Technicians play an important role on a medical facility’s cardiovascular healthcare team. However, EKG Technicians may be known under other names across different healthcare departments. What is an EKG Technician also known as? Sometimes they’re called an:

  • Electrocardiograph Technician
  • EKG Tech
  • ECG Tech

Despite the name variations, these technicians all conduct EKG tasks required when medically assisting doctors and physicians during Electrocardiogram examinations.

 What do EKG Tech duties include?

In this skilled profession, an EKG job description requires EKG Technicians to be involved throughout the process, from start to finish. These duties will include:

  • Analyzing a patient’s medical history
  • Preparing patients for Electrocardiogram and cardiovascular tests
  • Perform EKG examinations
  • Checking EKG results and the quality of the recorded data
  • Surmising and reporting results back to the supervising doctors and physicians
  • Maintain EKG equipment and monitors

Great EKG Technicians combine these practical skills and several notable additional attributes when working directly with patients. These personality traits include:

  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Attention to detail and remaining focused
  • Compassionate and empathetic to patients’ needs and concerns
  • The stamina needed to cope with the physical nature of an EKG techs duties

 Where does an EKG Technician work? 

Now that you better understand the EKG job description; you’d be forgiven for thinking EKG Techs are only found in hospitals and Emergency Rooms. But in fact, qualified EKG Technicians are found in a wide variety of unique workplace environments.

So, what is an EKG Technician able to do outside of a hospital setting?

Fortunately, many EKG Techs find jobs that suit their interests and that work around their lifestyle preferences. These do include working at private and state hospitals. However, Electrocardiogram Technicians are also found in:

  • Private Doctors and Physicians’ Offices
  • Medical Laboratories
  • Outpatient Care Facilities

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