pros and cons of medical billing and coding

Medical billing and coding is an exciting career to pursue that could open the door for future opportunities. Last time you visited a healthcare professional, your treatment (and invoice) likely relied on the work of coders and billers. These (often) certified professionals help properly create claims and bills for insurance companies and healthcare organizations. 

Coding and billing specialists play an important role to help keep medical practices running smoothly. As you begin the journey of becoming a certified professional, consider the pros and cons of medical billing and coding.


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Pros of being a Medical Billing Specialist

Coding and billing can be a stable career.

  • Healthcare organizations are in need of skilled professionals to perform coder work. 
  • Training programs and hands-on practice can provide valuable experience and expose you to a variety of practice management methods.

It offers an opportunity to work in various settings.

  • A coding and billing role can give you exposure to different environments in the medical field. 
  • Typically, medical billing work is completed at on-site practices, but remote medical coding and billing is becoming more common. Many coders and billers are able to work from home once they have enough experience. 

Medical Billing and Coding is a great career starter.

  • With a short training period, biller work presents a unique entry level opportunity that can be a career stepping stone. 
  • Being a certified professional could help assist you towards your career goals and future advancement. If you’re interested in the medical field or learning more about healthcare organizations, this might be the role for you.

There is room for growth.

  • Medical billers who start at the entry level can complete additional certifications and continue to grow in their careers. 
  • Different training programs exist for more specialized coder work. If you find a specific area of interest, you may have a better opportunity to pursue it after pursuing specialized training.

The work presents a great opportunity to learn.

  • Training as a medical biller or coder can help you grow in your knowledge of the medical system. If you’ve ever wanted to become a nurse or another type of healthcare professional (or been curious about practices), this might be a good fit as you learn more about the healthcare field and various roles within.
  • You can learn more about the areas that interest you while advancing your general skills around data entry and organization. After some time in the role, you can better differentiate the aspects you most enjoy and would like to pursue.

Cons of being a Medical Billing Specialist

You may need to get certified.

  • Even though the training period is short, medical coding and billing employers may require that you become a certified professional. Insurance companies and medical claims can be complex to navigate, so learning the ins and outs will help set you up for success. 
  • In addition, some knowledge of basic biology and anatomy may be necessary. Some coding and billing training programs may be able to help prepare you for the job.

You will need to keep up with new technology and codes.

  • Coder work requires that you remember certain spellings and abbreviations of terms.
  • Medical billing and coding specialists rely on technology to properly enter data into healthcare systems.
  • Many continuing education courses exist to help keep coders and billers up-to-date on any new regulations or rules.

You will spend most of your time sitting.

  • A majority of billers’ work is completed at a computer and desk. The work of medical coding and billing does not require strenuous physical movement.

Work can sometimes be stressful.

  • Mistakes in medical coding and billing can cost money and quality of reputation for healthcare organizations. Accuracy in data entry and organization is extremely important, which can add stress to the role.

Work is detail-oriented and requires high accuracy.

  • Because coding and billing deals with individual health information, billers’ work is very specific and requires attention to detail. This is to ensure insurance companies always receive the proper information that accurately reflects the care or treatment provided. 
  • Some entries are repetitive in nature, but there is little room for error.


Ready to become a Medical Billing Specialist?

The work of medical billing and coding is a career field that can offer stability. Completing a training program and pursuing an entry level role can open many doors in the medical field. You’ve read the pros and cons of medical billing and coding, now you can make a more informed decision. If the pros listed above speak to you, this could be a very exciting career for you. 

The next step in the journey is to find a medical coding and billing program that fits with your goals. Once you’ve found the right fit, you’re ready to embark on the path towards your future career!  

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