What Does CNA Stand For?

What Does CNA Stand For?

For those who want to pursue a career in healthcare, there may be confusion around the many abbreviations and what they mean.  One of these is CNA.  You may have been thinking about a career in healthcare, but you have been wondering ‘what does CNA stand for?’  CNA stands for certified nurse aide or certified nursing assistant (both terms are often used interchangeably).  CNAs are healthcare professionals that help provide direct care to patients.  They also assist patients with tasks they may not be able to perform on their own.  CNAs also work closely with LPNs, RNs, and other healthcare providers to ensure patients get the care they need.

In addition, you may also be wondering, ‘what does a CNA do?’  Where do they work?  Don’t worry.  We have you covered.  Today we’re breaking down some CNA basics for you.  Continue reading below to learn more about CNAs and the role they play in healthcare.

What does a CNA do?

As we mentioned above, CNAs are healthcare professionals that assist in providing direct care to patients.  They often assist patients with tasks they may not be able to do by themselves otherwise, such as eating, drinking, bathing, dressing, and transitioning in and out of bed.  In addition to serving as caregivers and assisting patients with daily tasks, CNAs are also responsible for monitoring the health status of their patients.  This includes taking and recording vital signs and reporting any changes to the LPN, RN, or physician.  If you want to learn more about some of the duties a CNA performs, check out our recent blog, CNA Job Duties:  5 Things You Can Expect on the Job for more information.

Where do CNAs Work?

Now that you know what CNA stands for and the duties they perform, you may be wondering, “Where do CNAs work?”  CNAs may be found working in a variety of healthcare settings.  Some of these may include nursing care facilities, retirement communities, assisting living communities, hospitals, and home health care services.  CNAs are needed to provide care to patients around the clock, so they may work days, afternoons, evenings/overnights, and weekends.

How to Become a CNA?  

If you’re still reading along here, great!  You’ve already discovered what CNA stands for, what does a CNA do, and where do CNAs work.  At this point, you may be wondering, how to become a CNA?  Well, let’s break it down into a few simple steps. First, you’ll want to attend a state-approved training program designed for those who wish to pursue a career as a CNA.  These may be called Nurse Aide or Nursing Assistant programs.  Once you successfully complete the program, you’ll need to challenge the state certification exam.  Remember, the ‘c’ in CNA stands for certified.  CNAs must be certified in order to work under that job title.  Once you have successfully passed your exam and completed the certification process with the state, you can begin to pursue employment opportunities.

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