PCT Training

Helping others has always been important to you. Your dream job is one where you can assist others and provide care for those who cannot do so for themselves. If you’re ready to take the next step and become a valued member of the healthcare industry, a career as a patient care technician is a great way to get started! Keep reading to discover different reasons to consider PCT training as part of your future.

Patient care technicians are an important part of any healthcare team since they assist both doctors and patients in a variety of ways. PCT’s also have the following important qualities:

  • Good communication skills
  • Compassion
  • Patience
  • Physical Stamina (1)

As someone who possesses these qualities, you might be asking yourself, “Are there any PCT programs near me? If there are, is this really the right step for me to take?” Here are some reasons why attending a PCT school could be right for you!

1.) Positive Job Outlook

  • According to the US Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of Nursing Assistants and Orderlies is projected to grow 8% from 2016 to 2026 (2), which is about as fast as the average for all occupations (these are positions that can be filled by patient care technician graduates!).
  • As the baby-boom population continues to age, patient care technicians will be needed to assist and care for elderly patients in long-term care facilities (3), such as a nursing home or rehabilitation center.
  • It may be easier to find a job after taking PCT classes since the training you receive can show you the skills needed to work in this area of healthcare.

2.) Helping Change the Lives of Others

Patient care technicians are essential to the healthcare industry, as it is their care and support that helps patients through stressful times. As a patient care technician, you could have the opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of your patients on a daily basis. Patient care technicians help patients with basic tasks that they most likely cannot do without their assistance. Some of the tasks that PCT’s assist with are:

    • Cleaning and bathing patients or residents
    • Helping patients use the bathroom
    • Assisting patients with getting dressed
    • Turning, re-positioning and transferring patients between beds and wheelchairs (4)

You might think that helping patients with these tasks is not a big deal, but it’s extremely important to the patient who receives your help. By assisting people with these tasks, patient care technicians help others by improving their quality of life while helping to maintain their dignity. Patients can benefit greatly from your assistance and care, which helps make this career choice an extremely rewarding one.

3.) Valuable Experience for Those Looking to Progress

PCT classes can be just the beginning of starting a successful healthcare career path. If you decide to enroll in a PCT school, you could have the opportunity to partake in hands-on training and ultimately decide if the healthcare industry is right for you!

With the experience you could gain as a PCT, you might have a smoother transition if you decide to move up the healthcare career ladder in the future. If you decide to go back to school to further your training, your previous education might help make the transition from one rewarding career to another one a much easier process.

4.) Fast Training Time

You might not have enough time to enroll in a longer training program due to other commitments in your daily life. If you are looking for shorter training options, pursuing a career as a patient care technician might be worth exploring! Completing your training in a short amount of time makes enrolling in PCT classes a more convenient option. In less than a year, you could have the opportunity to work at a hospital, nursing home facility or other healthcare setting doing what you love!

Enroll in PCT Classes at Training Direct!

Training Direct can help you get started on your path as a patient care technician! At Training Direct, you could complete your PCT training in as little as 8 weeks! (5) Here are some other advantages of choosing us as your PCT school:

  • The Patient Care Technician program at Training Direct includes training in three different areas, which can help you become well-rounded in your future career. These areas are:

– Nurse Aide Training
– Phlebotomy Training
– EKG Training

  • You will be exposed to different types of medical equipment and to professionals working in the healthcare field! This exposure can help provide a strong foundation for becoming a patient care technician.
  • Students who successfully complete the Patient Care Technician program at Training Direct are eligible to take a certification exam.
  • Graduates who successfully complete the Nurse Aide component of the Patient Care Technician Program will also be eligible to take the State of Connecticut Nurse Aide Exam.

Get Started Now at Training Direct!

Becoming a patient care technician can be the path you are looking for to becoming an essential member of the healthcare industry. Your constant support and assistance will be valued not only by your future employer but by the people you are helping every day as well. Make a real difference and improve someone’s life for the better – let us help you get started! Contact Training Direct to learn more about our PCT classes and begin your training with us today!

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