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If you desire to join the healthcare field and want to begin a new career in a short amount of time, then you should consider CNA training classes. Becoming a certified nurse aide (also referred to as a CNA, nursing assistant, or nurse’s aide) is a great way to begin a new chapter in your life! Medical staff depends on CNAs to keep an eye on patients’ vital signs and changes in their medical condition.¹ While attending a CNA training school, you could learn the important skills used by professionals to provide excellent patient care! This knowledge could help you navigate the healthcare world and all it has to offer. It’s never too late to make the switch, especially with these three easy steps below!

1. Begin Your Research About CNA Careers

Before you begin this exciting journey to transitioning into healthcare, it may be wise to examine all the facts regarding your new career choice. You could start by researching the following topics:

  • Where do CNA’s typically work?
  • What is the average pay of a CNA?
  • Is the career growing?

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics offers some very insightful information on nursing assistants that could help answer your most essential questions. Use it as a helpful resource to assist in your search:

Before putting yourself through CNA training classes, you must also make sure this career path is what you really want. Does becoming a CNA fit your career goals? Are you empathetic towards people in pain? Do you work well in a team environment? Through proper research and self-examination, you may be able to make an informed decision regarding your transition into the medical field.

2. Get Feedback from Current CNAs

If you have no prior background within the healthcare industry, that’s okay! Many future CNA’s don’t have any experience in healthcare prior to beginning their training. If you know a current CNA, sit down with them and get some feedback. Learning from someone with first-hand experience could help you determine if this is the right career for you. If you don’t know a current CNA, get feedback from your instructors in school – they can be a great source of information. CNA school could teach you different things about the healthcare field, things that you may not have known.

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3. Find a CNA Training School and Get Started on Your Transition!

Upon completing steps 1 & 2, you are now ready to find a CNA training school! While searching for the perfect school, it’s important to ask the right questions. This could help you weigh out the pros and cons of each school you visit. Begin by asking questions like:

  • “How long is your CNA training program?”
  • “Is hands-on training included in the program?”
  • “Are there flexible CNA class schedules available?”
  • “Have the instructor’s previously worked or currently work in healthcare?”
  • “Will the institution help me find a career post-graduation?”

Through asking these questions, you could get a better feel if the school reviewed is the right fit for your personal and professional goals. This could also help give you the assurance that you are choosing a school that has your success in mind. Once you discover the right school, you could begin CNA training classes that could help transition you into the healthcare field!

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At Training Direct, our goal is to help you achieve success and become career-ready! As part of our Nurse Aide training program, each student will have the opportunity to receive both on-site instruction (55 hours) and clinical experience (45 hours). We offer day, evening and weekend classes, giving you flexibility so you can pursue your private interests (schedule availability will vary by campus).

Graduates that effectively complete the nurse aide program will also be eligible to take the State of Connecticut Certified Nurse Aide (CNA) Competency Evaluation in order to try and earn their CNA certification. After successful completion, Training Direct also offers career services assistance for our graduates! We don’t just educate our students, we prepare them for excellence. By taking our Nurse Aide training classes, you can have the tools you need to build a strong foundation for a bright future in healthcare. Now is the time to begin your journey down the CNA career path. Opportunity is knocking, will you answer?

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