pct career

Are you interested in pursuing a career as a Patient Care Technician (PCT)?  If so, congratulations!  The healthcare field needs caring and compassionate individuals to work on the frontlines.  Pursuing a PCT career requires some serious commitments on your part.  This is because as a PCT, you could be the first line of defense when it comes to having a patient that is sick or in need of care.  PCTs play an important role on the healthcare team.  PCTs are often found working with RNs and Physicians.  Let’s take a close look at the PCT qualifications and some of the commitments you might need to make to get the most out of your PCT career.

Commitment #1: Be Caring and Compassionate

If you are interested in pursuing a PCT career, you should be committed to caring and showing compassion to your patients.  Let’s face it, none of us like being sick.  As a PCT, you could be the person speaking with the patient before their physician or nurse does.  Because of this, you should be as understanding and as compassionate as possible.  In addition, as part of your PCT career, you may find yourself performing critical work.  This type of work requires a high level of commitment!  After all, your patients are relying on you.  As a PCT, you should provide your full attention to your patients.  This includes being ready to provide the best care possible.  In pursuing your PCT career, it’s important make a commitment to be caring and compassionate.  Your kindness will be appreciated by your patients, their families, and those you work with on a daily basis.

Commitment #2: Work with your Team

As a PCT you could be working in a number of different care facilities and working with a number of different healthcare professionals.  Regardless of where you work, one thing will likely remain the same.  As a PCT, you will be part of the healthcare team.  Because of this, another PCT qualification you should have is to be able to work with a team.  Typically, PCTs can be found work under the direction of a physician or an RN.  The PCT will often be the person checking in with a patient regularly, making sure they are comfortable, assisting them with getting in and out of bed, using the restroom, etc.  They may also take vitals and help patients bathe.  The duties a PCT performs are critical, because they are often the person providing direct care to the patient.  By committing to a sense of teamwork you could provide the optimal care your patients need.

Commitment #3: Continue enhancing your skills

A successful PCT career may require you to be open to always learning and enhancing your skills.  As a PCT you should adopt a winner’s attitude.  This includes being open to learning and never giving up!  Take lessons learned as an opportunity to grow.  Seek out others for feedback.  Use each day as an opportunity to learn and grow in your PCT career.  It is important to commit to continuously enhance your skills as part of your PCT career.

Commitment #4 Look for the right PCT School

When deciding to pursue a PCT career it is important to join the right training program.  Your PCT career path may lead you to work directly with patients and so it is vital that you commit to selecting the best program.  When selecting a patient care technician training program be sure to see if the program offers the opportunity to develop the skills that are necessary for providing quality patient care in a variety of settings.  This includes both knowledge obtained in a classroom as well as skills developed with hands-on training.  PCTs work directly with patients, so you cannot underestimate the value of hands-on training.  Check to see what type of clinical experience the PCT program provides to its students.  Selecting the right school and program could be critical in pursuing your PCT career.

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