what is cna training

If you’ve always wanted to be a nurse’s aide or are considering it now for the first time you might find yourself here and confused. You may even be wondering, what is CNA training?  Well, you’re in luck, because we are going to break that down for you today!  Read on below for more information in response to the question, “What is CNA Training?”

What is CNA Training? 

CNA training programs can go by several names like “nurse aide program” and “nursing assistant training”. A CNA training program can typically be completed in a matter of weeks. Instead of receiving a degree, students will likely receive a certificate, and can then go on to challenge the certification exam after completing CNA training.

If you google search for CNA training programs you’ll get many results. Ideally, your CNA program should help you prepare for the CNA certification exam. Without passing the exam you cannot practice as a CNA in states like Connecticut¹. Also, if you’re spending the time and money on training, you’ll want to be able to become certified after completing the coursework.

What is covered in CNA Training?

As previously mentioned, CNA training programs are typically designed to be completed in just a matter of weeks.  That means you will likely cover a fair amount of information in just a short amount of time.

In CNA training you can learn the essentials of proving patient care. This usually includes how to take and record vital signs, feed patients, and help dress and clean patients.  All these essential CNA duties should be learned in both a classroom setting and reinforced in a real clinical setting.

Clinical experience is crucial for CNA training because being a CNA is very hands-on. The day-to-day duties can vary, and it’s not a job that can be relegated to a textbook. Make sure your CNA training includes clinical experiences before you enroll.

CNA Certification Exam – What happens after CNA Training?

After completing your training program, the next step in becoming a certified CNA is passing the CNA certification exam.

CNA certification exams vary by state, but every CNA exam is meant to test the knowledge you’ve learned from CNA training. The exam will ask questions regarding content that should’ve been covered in your CNA training program.

CNA certification questions focus on the duties of a CNA. These could include checking vital signs, providing safe and effective patient care, and helping patients/clients with personal care.

Once you pass the CNA certification exam, you will be placed on your state’s CNA registry. Your next step is to look for employment as a CNA. If you go to a training program that has career services assistance available, you should utilize the benefits offered to you as a graduate.

The Nurse Aide program at Training Direct | Bridgeport & Danbury, CT

If you’re from the Bridgeport or Danbury area in Connecticut and looking to become a CNA, consider Training Direct’s nurse aide program.

You can complete the Training Direct Nurse Aide program in as little as 3-4 weeks. Meaning in just a month you could on your way towards being a certified CNA working in the field.

Training Direct offers a nurse’s aide program that covers the topics and knowledge you should know to pursue a career as a CNA. The curriculum at Training Direct focuses on a blend of classroom and clinical instruction. The program also offers career services assistance to graduates. These services are meant to assist you in pursuing employment as a CNA after your training is complete and your certification is obtained.

If interested in Training Direct’s Nurse Aide training program, you can learn more here.


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