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Are you looking for a new career that’s full of caring and compassion for others? Pursuing a role in healthcare is a great start to that journey! An exciting career in the healthcare field that you could pursue is that of a CNA (also referred to as Certified Nurse Aides or Certified Nursing Assistants). CNA’s provide direct patient care. Pursuing a CNA education could allow you to assist nurses and doctors with essential healthcare functions.

If you want to be at the forefront of healthcare, becoming a CNA could provide you with the career fulfillment you’re seeking. If you’re not sure how to get started, don’t worry! Here’s our beginner’s guide to starting your CNA education.

Steps to Become a CNA

Step 1: Find the Right CNA Training School for You

Many schools are available that offer nurse aide training courses. You’ll need both classroom and hands-on training to fulfill your education to become a CNA. Most states also have certification requirements for CNA candidates to become certified before they can be employed, so make sure you find a program best suitable for you.

When searching for the best option to start your CNA education, you’ll want to consider many factors. You should consider the following:

  • Program flexibility – Are day time and evening classes offered?
    • Life is busy. Choosing a CNA school with a supportive staff and faculty is a prime consideration.
  • Does this program emphasize hands-on training?
    • Nurse aide training courses should contain both on-site instruction and clinical experience. Training in a variety of medical settings on different types of medical equipment provides a strong foundation for becoming a CNA.
  • Exposure to important CNA skills
    • There are several skills and qualities that are helpful in becoming a successful CNA. Communication, compassion, patience, and physical stamina are some of the important skills and qualities that a CNA should have¹.
  • Does the program meet the standards of your state when it comes to CNA education?

After successful completion of your CNA education, you should be eligible to take a state Certified Nurse Aide (CNA) Exam. The requirements to work as a CNA varies by state. If you’re wishing to obtain gainful employment as a CNA, certification is required by most states.

Step 2: Complete your CNA Course & Clinical Experience

Another key element in the steps to become a CNA is finding a school that allows you a full breadth of clinical experience. Be sure to find a school with nurse aide training courses that allow you to learn from experienced instructors and professionals.

Classroom instruction should include developing knowledge of the human body, effective patient care, and safety, medical terminology, along with documentation and ethics. CNA school requirements should also include a variety of clinical settings that are designed to prepare you for real-world environments and scenarios.

Your main task in joining a CNA education program is to soak in as much knowledge and training to cement the foundation you’ll rely on as a CNA. Devoting the time to study and ask questions can make a huge difference in the quality of your CNA education. This is your time to shine!

Step 3: Take your CNA Certification Exam

After you successfully complete your nurse aide training courses and institution requirements, you’ll submit an application and schedule your CNA Exam (which consists of a written exam and a clinical exam). After you successfully complete the exams, you will be mailed your CNA certificate and added to the state’s nurse aide registry.

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