patient care technician requirements
Patient Care Technician Requirements
Patient care technician requirements often involve a variety of medical knowledge and skills. That’s because a patient care technician plays a key role in a patient’s health outcomes. A PCT is a versatile member of a healthcare team. That’s because they can be found working with diverse patient populations in... Read more
CNA Training Classes: 3 Things to Know Before Getting Started
Things To Know About CNA Training Classes
The great news about CNA training classes is you can complete them in a matter of weeks. This makes it a promising career path for people who want to work in healthcare, but don’t want to spend years (not to mention tens of thousands of dollars) on their education. Certified... Read more
pct vs cna
When it comes to a PCT vs CNA career path, which is the best route for you? What are the differences between these two jobs? To start, what is a PCT and what is a CNA? A CNA stands for certified nursing assistant. PCT stands for patient care technician and... Read more
what is a cna
What is a CNA?
Are you naturally driven to assist and support people, especially when they are in need? Your passion for caring could mean being a certified nursing assistant (CNA) could be for you. But wait, what is a CNA, what do they do, and how easy is it to train to become... Read more
being a cna
Why being a CNA could be the right fit for you!
Are you considering pivoting into a career in the healthcare industry but need help deciding which career to pursue? Perhaps becoming a certified nursing assistant (CNA), also known as a certified nurse aide, could be the answer. But what’s it like being a CNA, and is it the right career... Read more
CNA Courses
Are CNA Courses the Right Fit for You?
Have you been wondering if CNA courses are right for you? Well, if you have been thinking about pursuing a career as a CNA, you’ll want to start by finding an approved nurse aide training program. Nurse aide courses have become a popular option for those looking to start a... Read more
being a phlebotomist
Pros And Cons Of Being A Phlebotomist
Chances are you’re here because you’re curious about the perks of becoming a certified phlebotomist. Like every profession, there are elements of their job that people love and some aspects that some may think aren’t so great. However, to help you answer if this is the career for you, we’re... Read more
phlebotomy career
Why A Phlebotomy Career Might Be for You!
Are you someone who aspires to join the medical profession? Somebody who truly enjoys working to help people, who is empathetic, and works well in a team? Then, there’s a strong possibility that a phlebotomy career could be your calling. Perhaps you’re wondering, is becoming a phlebotomist a good career... Read more