CNA Careers in CT

Are you passionate about taking care of others when they are sick and in need of it most? If you answered “yes”, then you should consider looking into CNA careers! A CNA career could give you the chance to display compassion and empathy which could improve the quality of your patient’s life! Training to become a Nurse Aide or Certified Nurse’s Aide (CNA) could be the introduction you’ve been looking for! But what exactly is it like working as a CNA? Continue reading as we break it down.

What do CNA’s do on their Day-to-Day?

Nurse Aides Assist their Patients with Daily Living Activities

If you are looking to give your time, energy and skills in the service of others then a career as a CNA could be the perfect path for you! A nurse aide fills a crucial role in the healthcare field because of the importance of their tasks and personal care they give to patients. A few of these duties can include: (1)

  • Assisting patients with bathing and personal hygiene
  • Serving Meals
  • Helping patients use the restroom
  • Transferring them between the bed and wheelchair
  • Re-positioning patients as they lie in bed

CNA’s Take Clinical Measurements Throughout the Day to Ensure Everything is OK

Aside from assisting the patient with the necessary care needed to comfortably enjoy their day, nurse aides also listen to and record patients’ health concerns. The clinical measurements they are responsible for include taking their vital signs, including blood pressure and body temperature. (2) CNA’s are entrusted with these concerns and are responsible to report that information to the nurse.

Do Nurse Aides Work with Other Healthcare Professionals?

Certified Nurse Aides Work Closely with Doctors and Nurses within Patient Care

As a Nurses Aide, you could have the ability to work closely with those in a higher position than you. This could give you the opportunity to grow your skill set from observing their behavior and emulating that into your daily duties. Nursing assistants work as part of a healthcare team under the supervision of licensed practical or licensed vocational nurses and registered nurses. (3) These physicians and nurses have wisdom, direction, and knowledge they could impart to you that could help lead to positive CNA career advancement!

What Could Help Toward my CNA Career Goals?

CNA Qualities That Could be Beneficial to Your Daily Performance

Working as a CNA involves spending a lot of your hours on your feet attending to your patient’s every need. To balance your workload and stay positive, there are certain qualities that you should aim to possess that could assist you in your daily tasks. These qualities could also make you a stronger asset to the team. A few qualities that characterize exceptional CNA’s include, great communication skills, compassion, patience, and physical stamina. (4) Being a great communicator could help you effectively address your patient’s health concerns with your team. With patience and compassion, you could be better equipped to care for patients who need constant care and attention. Part of this care involves moving and lifting patients which requires physical stamina. (5) With the right qualities, you could potentially position yourself to succeed as a Nurse Aide in a variety of CNA careers!

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Get Started Toward your Career as a CNA at Training Direct

Now that you know what it’s like working as a CNA, are you ready to take the next step towards an exciting career in healthcare? If you said “yes”, then Nurse Aide courses at Training Direct could be the right step toward your CNA career goals! Training Direct’s Nurse Aide program offers hands-on training in both the classroom and in a clinical setting. You could have the opportunity to gain exposure working with a variety of patients and learn from qualified healthcare professionals. In as little as 3 – 4 weeks, you could complete the nurse aide program and become eligible to take the State of Connecticut Certified Nurse Aide (CNA) Competency Evaluation. Training Direct also offers flexible class schedules so you could accomplish your goals while maintaining your personal commitments (availability varies by campus). Our program is offered at our Bridgeport, CT and Danbury, CT campus locations.

In our Nurse Aide program, we strive to give our students not just information but also clinical experience that could prepare them for everyday tasks. Allow Training Direct to give you the tools you need to succeed in the healthcare field! There is no better time than now to begin building a strong foundation for a bright future. Are you ready to take the next step in your career?

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