CNA Careers in CT

Are you currently examining the possible avenues to pursue a career in the healthcare sector? Well, if you are, for many, the remarkable perks and opportunities a CNA career can provide are just too good to ignore.

Whether it’s the short amount of time to train, the wonderful variety of healthcare workplaces you could find employment in, or the rewarding feeling of helping patients in a time of need. CNA careers could provide an excellent gateway into the field of healthcare for you.

Dive into our blog to find out more about the daily routine of a nurse aide and explore the work environments you can work in once you’ve become a CNA.

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What Do CNAs Do on Their Day-to-Day?

The first question most people ask when they are curious about the career is “what does a nurse aide do on a daily basis”. As CNAs are critical members of the patient care team, your primary role will often involve providing hands-on assistance to licensed practical nurses (LPNs) and registered nurses (RNs), in providing care to patients.

As a result throughout your CNA career, you’ll find every day is unique, which can make every day different and far from boring. On a typical day, depending on the healthcare facility you choose to work in, your duties can include:

  • Monitoring and recording patients’ vital signs
  • Meal planning and documenting food and fluid intake
  • Educating patients and providing emotional support
  • Assisting with patient bathing, dressing, and transportation
  • Maintaining hygiene standards and infection control

While the tasks may vary depending on the environment you choose to work in, the role of a CNA is always engaging and will keep you on your toes.

CNA Careers: Where Nurse Aides Can Work?

Now, while the variety of responsibilities in a day in the life of a CNA leads to little boredom, what’s more enticing are the exciting CNA career opportunities and different medical institutions where you could find employment.

That’s because becoming a certified nurse aide provides a host of amazing workplace opportunities, which could see your career take off working in:

  • Local, State, and Private Hospitals
  • Nursing homes and long-term care facilities
  • Home healthcare agencies
  • Physical therapy and rehabilitation clinics/centers

In addition to the range of medical facilities available to work at, with experience and continued education, many CNAs boost their careers into more advanced healthcare vocations and medical departments. For example, with additional training (and state licensing, if applicable), you could qualify to become a registered nurse, an emergency medical technician (EMT), or a surgical technologist.

Do Nurse Aides Work with Other Healthcare Professionals?

CNA careers in the medical sector benefit hugely from the close bond you build with your colleagues and fellow team members. In fact, it’s one of the perks of the job.

So, what does a nurse aide do as part of the healthcare team?

Well, it depends on the healthcare center or institution you choose to work in. For example, if your CNA career finds you employed in a hospital, you will likely perform your duties alongside doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers. Alternatively, if you opt for a career in a hospice or long-term care home, your colleagues could include hospice nurses, pharmacists, and palliative care specialists.

Whichever direction your career takes you, as a certified nurse aide, you’ll become a valued member of a healthcare facility’s patient care team.

Get started on the path to your CNA career today!

The first step towards pursuing a CNA career is to find a certified training program. CNA training colleges and schools are designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills to challenge your state’s certification exam. Here, you can learn the CNA tasks and attributes needed while also receiving guidance on the medical settings in which you might want to specialize.

Be sure to select a CNA training program that will also provide you with clinical experience. Why is this important? Because ultimately, it provides a platform for you to practice and repeat the tasks and procedures you learn in the classroom safely, under the supervision of skilled medical professionals.

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